Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year of the Dog

Well, we blundered and blustered our way through 2011 and have just come out the other end hoping for no more shaky ground, radioactive vegetables or products spelt with 'K' to signify Kardashian entrapment.

Most of all, in Australia, we hoofed it on home on the back of another K: A red cloud kelpie named Koko who's not only become super hero of the north west of WA, but a symbol of all things Aussie and quintessentially huggable.

So, for a final wrap of the year that was, I offer with much spit and dribble and the best take on Julia Gillard's strine I can possibly muster, a 2011 foray into the year's insanity, as heard across Australia on ABC Local Radio's national New Year's Eve broadcast with Scott Lamond.